Technical information for performers

Please, abide by the following rules regarding arrival and the use of our premises:

Technical requirements
Please send us your technical requirements (technical rider) in writing, no later than a week before the performance in order to organise our technical services at best. We do not answer for additional requests made the day of the event. The technical data for the small and the large theatre halls, as well as the available equipment at the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre, is accessible on the Hall rental section of the page.

Parking space
Please inform us of your arrival, no later than 2 days before the performance, in order for us to book parking spaces near the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre. Link.

Dressing rooms
There are two dressing rooms with mirrors and a bathroom with a shower.

Taking photos
The Nova Gorica Cultural Centre is a public institution and therefore takes photographs during the events in order to post them on its social media platforms, web page and for other promotional purposes. If you do not want to appear on the photos, we kindly ask you to inform us about that.

Coffee house
The Gallus Cafe inside the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre building offers hot drinks, snacks and cocktails.

Free tickets
A limited number of free tickets can be made available to the performers in line with the signed agreement with the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre.

For performers who need an overnight stay stay, we can arrange accommodation at a reduced price at the HIT Hotel Sabotin in Solkan.

Selling CDs, books or other items
Please, inform us in the technical rider if you wish to sell any products. We can give you a table for your products, but you have to arrange for a person to sell the merchandise by yourself.

Performers entrance
The performers entrance is the same as the entrance to our offices at the back of the building. You will find the entrance on the side of the Gradnikove brigade street, next to the Princess Casino, on the top of the stairs, on the right side of the Gallus Cafe.

Visitors entrance 
The visitors entrance is on the Bevk square: the large theatre hall is accessible from the lobby, while the small theatre hall is downstairs.


Further information:


Miran Šumandl, Technical Services
+386 5 335 40 14

Barbara Poša Belingar, Public Relations 
+386 5 335 40 13

Martina Mavrič, Room Renting / Back Office 
+386 5 335 40 10



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