The small theatre hall of the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre has been the venue for art cinema for many years. The focal point of the cinema is, as always, the season ticket for the Film Theatre, which has a long tradition in the Goriška region. We aim to showcase the best contemporary films, while focusing not only on the quality of the selected works, but also on ensuring a variety of stories, authors, countries, cultures and genres. The programme, which has been drawn up by the film critic and publicist Denis Valič, is composed of 18 diverse films in terms of topic and genre, shot in various corners of the globe and in many different cultural contexts.

Besided the Film Theatre, cinema lovers will also have the opportunity to enjoy a brief thematic film series of independent cinema. We offer as well a series of contemporary quality films from the Cinema Roundabout series, which is dedicated to children and the young.

The catalogue with detailed information about the films is published in September. As always, the catalogue contains basic information and a brief outline of the films, alongside brief comments by Slovenian and foreign film critics, giving their perspectives on the films. Educating the cinema audience and teaching them to look is one of our basic missions and that is why we are offering this combination of carefully chosen films and thoughtful reviews, which we believe is helping viewers to understand art of cinema, train their vision and develop their very own critical sight.

The Nova Gorica Cultural Centre is a member of Europe Cinemas and the Art Cinema Network, a Slovenian network of cinemas showing quality and art films.


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