Music from St. Francis' Garden 2015

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Music from St. Francis' Garden

21st Season
May - June 2015

When the fascinating Bourbon roses are in full bloom in the pleasant courtyard of the Franciscan Monastery on Kostanjevica, Kulturni dom Nova Gorica organises a series of concerts entitled Music from the Gardens of Saint Francis. The 21st season will once again offer noble music in a special historical environment. The successful series of concerts, as proven by the records and the documents gathered in an extensive publication issued at the 20th anniversary of the series, will continue to emphasize creativity and artistic performances from our region, Slovenia, Italy and Friuli in seven nights of selected music. Distinguished musicians, as well as younger talents from both sides of the border, many of whom have started performing in our gardens, will have the opportunity to perform.






Church and Hall of the Franciscan Monastery of Kostanjevica, Nova Gorica  

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