Large Hall of Kulturni dom Nova Gorica

Kirsty Almeida photo Jill Furmanovsky

* * *

Kirsty Almeida, vocal and guitar
Richard Wetherall, keyboards
Tom Briggs, guitar
Matt Owens, bas
Jason Backman, drums

* * *

“Attractive, untouchable when it come to music and theatrically provocative.” These are the words used to describe Kirsty Almeida, a versatile and extremely innovative artist, who is bringing us music, full of magic and darkness of present times.

Her music lures the listeners into a charming, lively and occasionally devious, dark world in which classical world of song-writers meets mortuary lullabies, mournful beauty of folk-blues, soul of New Orleans, pop seasoned with voodoo and a good measure of weirdness one can encounter in Tim Burton's films. Her visionary approach attracted the attention of BBC that made a 10-minute documentary on how she creates music and looks for new paths in the music industry as an independent artist.

The critics praise Almeida for her songwritting and singing skills as well as her theatrical performance. “A gorgeous collection of brilliantly written and performed songs…add to that a voice that is by turns delicate and storming, personality that seeps out of every seam and you have an artist to treasure. Delicious,” wrote Simon Gage for Daily Express. 

You simply cannot miss this concert!



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