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This year we mark the 11th edition of The Flores Musicae Festival! Since its inception, under the name Days of Early Music, almost 50 concerts and 10 lectures and international master classes have taken place between Goriška, Kras, Brda, Friuli and Ljubljana, which have together created a new interesting audience. It has revived many architectural gems and has placed our region on the international map of events in Early music.

It is one of the few world festivals that focuses almost exclusively on Medieval and Renaissance music. From the very beginning, it has offered original and rarely heard programmes that are far from the so-called mainstream. Every year it has brought top world specialists to Slovenia and has also given space to younger and already accomplished Slovenian musicians. It has lent particular emphasis to music linked to the Slovenian territory, and also co-produced a new music programme of the Renaissance composer and lutenist Giacomo Gorzanis. It was released in 2018 by Arcana (Outhere Music).

Troubadour is probably the first word that comes to mind when we think about medieval music. The 11th edition of Flores Musicae will focus on exactly this concept of poet-singer that emerged in southern France in the 12th century and which still resonates today. Whether it be chivalry poems and courtly love or moral and political affairs, men have told stories and expressed themselves through songs for at least a millennium.

On the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, we will be able to listen to the music of troubadours of his time and to two modern troubadours: from our exceptional troubadour Iztok Mlakar to Arnaut Daniel and other troubadours of the 13th century interpreted by amazing Anne Azema; from old islandic legends performed by an exceptional young duo Moirai to the music of the Renaissance “troubadour” John Dowland, interpreted by the legendary Emma Kirkby accompanied by Bor Zuljan.

                                                                                     Bor Zuljan,
artistic director of the festival


The concerts of medieval and Renaissance music in dialogue with the pearls of the cultural heritage in the Goriška region, are a unique and special musical experience.

Artistic director

Bor Zuljan

Project manager
Pavla Jarc

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Barbara Poša Belingar
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The festival is made possible by:
Municipality of Nova Gorica
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Municipality of Brda 

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