Flores Musicae 2019

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Another year has passed and Renaissance and medieval music will once again flourish in the marvellous venues in the Goriška region during this golden time of year, at summer’s end. Four diverse concerts will take us on different journeys in different places and times. 

We will start our journey in the Andes during the medieval period of the reign of the Inca people, which was at his peak before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The famous French flutist Pierre Hamon has been researching their music for several years. During his introductory lecture, he will show us the process behind the creation of the soundtrack music for the new feature film Pachamama. During his evening solo recital, he will take us thousands of miles away and more than five hundred years ago, with surprising sounds and instruments.

 The journey will continue in Europe: at the time of the discovery of the Americas, the Flemish composer Josquin Desprez was one of the most successful composers in Europe. Together with the French baritone Romain Bockler, we will introduce the audience to his music with an intimate and hypnotic programme, which has just been released on CD.

For the third concert, Slovenian harpist and mezzo-soprano Tanja Vogrin will prepare a charming program with the greatest hits from the period around the year 1600 in a "double" duet with the violinist and countertenor Viktor Andriichenko.

The last day will be dedicated to Italian music from Leonardo Da Vinci’s lifetime, who died exactly 500 years ago.

The renowned Italian tenor Marco Beasley will be conducting a masterclass during the festival on singing and reciting Italian poetry and music in the early 16th century. During the evening concert Beasley will enchant the audience with a recital alongside Fabio Accurso and Stefano Rocco.

Take a moment for yourselves and indulge in the magic of music and its unique power that can take us so far in such a short time.

Bor Zuljan
artistic director

The concerts of medieval and Renaissance music in dialogue with the pearls of the cultural heritage in the Goriška region, are a unique and special musical experience.

Artistic director

Bor Zuljan

Project manager
Pavla Jarc

Programme coordinator:
Barbara Poša Belingar
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E: pr@kulturnidom-ng.si
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Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
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Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Brda
Association DRAMSAM Centro Giuliano di Musica Antica
International festival Musica Cortese

FLORES MUSICAE festival is part of the municipal programme of the “Nova Gorica – City of Culture” year.
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The festival is made possible by:
Municipality of Nova Gorica
Ministry of Culture
Municipality of Brda 

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