Flores Musicae 2018

Festival srednjeveške in renesančne glasbe

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Last year  we transformed the name of the Days of Early Music Festival, which takes place between Nova Gorica and Goriška brda. It has been renamed as Flores Musicae with the mission to revive Renaissance music. The artistic director of the festival is a great Slovenian guitarist and lutenist, Bor Zuljan, MA in guitar, lute, medieval music and music pedagogy at the Haute école de musique de Genève. At the moment, he teaches in Geneva and performs all over the world. 

Flores Musicae Festival will once again colour the venues of the Goriška region with its vibrant programme this autumn. The opening concert will feature Slovenian group Makalonca performing the oldest songs in the Slovenian music tradition. The German ensemble Per-Sonat, which revives medieval mystical songs by maestro Frauenlob, returns as a duo after several years. The last two concerts will be dedicated to Italian music from 1500: La Lyra ensemble in “double” duet will present a repertoire of North Italian frottole, and the Italian ensemble Ricercare Antico their liturgical versions – laude.

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Artistic director: 
Bor Zuljan

Project manager:
Pavla Jarc

Project coordinator:
Barbara Poša Belingar
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